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Things have been very busy in the real world, and we’ve been remiss about updating the cyber world. Our New Year’s resolution is to do better by you, internet.

As a consolation prize, here are some snapshots from our early January performance at the frickin’ Kennedy Center. Check out a video of the whole performance here.

<3 you,

The Nighttime Adventure Society




Oh Hello Black Cat. Fancy Meeting You Here.

The Nighttime Adventure Society CD Release Party @ Black Cat - Official Poster

Just another Saturday night, headlining Black Cat.  Not like I’ve wanted to do that since I was 12 years old or anything.


Doors: 9:30
Mike and Cody: 9:30
Kind of Like Spitting: 10:30
The Nighttime Adventure Society: 11:30

NB: Bring your party clothes–it’s a CD release party!

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Strike the bell and bide the danger